Our Services

NetXpertise provides assessments of most production, post-production, and distribution operations throughout the entertainment supply chain. We conduct TPN assessments according to the size of your operation and the various geographic regions of the world you may operate.

Industry Recognition

TPN is an industry-wide film and television content protection initiative. The assessments follow industry-recognized MPAA content security best practices and are valid for one year.

Major Hollywood motion picture studios and many others in the industry worked together to create the TPN assessment. Companies involved with TPN include Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Universal City Studios LLC, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc, Amazon Studios, AMC Networks, BBC Worldwide, HBO, Hulu, Legendary Pictures, Lionsgate, Marvel Studios, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Open Road Films, and STX Entertainment.

“Creating the films and television shows enjoyed by audiences around the world increasingly requires a network of specialized vendors and technicians, that’s why maintaining high-security standards for all third-party operations from script to screen is such an important part of preventing the theft of creative works and ultimately protects jobs and the health of our vibrant creative economy.”

Charles Rivkin, MPAA Chairman and CEO

Assessment Results

At the end of the assessment, NetXpertise provides a report with suggested remediations and improvements. The report is presented to you before it’s submitted to the vendor roster within the TPN Platform.  There is no “pass or fail”: the assessment works as a yardstick and will provide means for decision-makers to understand and assess risk according to the findings on the report. Once the assessment is completed, an annual certificate and the TPN logo are granted, which can be displayed on your website to acknowledge participation.   In addition to the assessment, the TPN will provide regular technology alerts regarding possible vulnerabilities within in your own systems.

Once delivered, the TPN Assessment Report will become visible to content owners that are a part of the TPN, as well as TPN’s internal quality assurance experts. No other vendors, competitors or otherwise, will be able to see your assessments or any information contained within. Additionally, if you funded your TPN assessment, you may share your it with anyone you wish.